Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions - Namebadges International Japan
Frequently Asked Questions

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How to Order

Q: We ordered once but forget my password.

A: You can submit new password anytime from our "Password forgotten" page.
I've Forgotten My Password!

Q: We ordered once but forgot my long-in ID

A: Your log-in ID is your email address. If you did not remember or would like to change it, please contact us via "Contact Us" page.
We'll help you to find out or change to a new email address as your log-in ID.
log-in ID.

Q: What is "Account"?

A: Account" has a function which has your order history, shipping address, confirm your approved design and so on.
Your account is created when you place your first order.

You are able to confirm your name badge design at any time from your "Art Work" page in the account.
Re-order is easy. At the second time order, you just prepare your “Name name list” by our Excel file template and place your order in the product page. Customer who provide .ai file with your own design, just select name badge type, color and so on and upload your .ai data.

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Q: Is it OK to create different "Account" for each person in charge of my company whenever we place order?

To take over your company name badge design, in principle, we ask you to make one account for 1 company.
If your company would like to change order personnel, you are able to change log-in email address and password in "Edit My Information" in your account.
If previous order personnel is gone and not sure about your log-in information, please contact us by contact page or give us a phone call to
078-862-5884 during our business hours,

Q: Can you create our name badge design as same as the one we created in your Name Badge Designer page in the product page?

A: "Name Badge designer" is a design simulator of your name badge. So after you place your order we create mock-up design for actual printing data for you by our designer. We will get design approval from you then proceed to the production.

Q:  I have an image of the design but I do not know how to layout on “Name badge designer” page.

A:  You can tell us your image by
1. Scanning your hand written image and uploading the file on “My file” page.
2. Uploading your image described in document file (Excel or Word …).
Please note correspondence may be delayed if you send them by Email.  
If you select from the design in our catalog, we will create 1 design 2 correction per order for free of charge.
For designs other than our design pattern, it will be fee based service for 4000yen /30 minutes.

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Q:  When pasting the logo on "Name Badge designer" the background became whiter. I want the name badge design without a white background.

A: Please leave a comment on the remarks column at the end of your order
“Logo without white background”.

Q: The logo I uploaded on “Name Badge designed” looked unbalanced. Should I fix it?

A: Please do not worry! It looks the logo you uploaded unbalanced on "Name Badge designer" but we receive your logo in original size. We create mock-up design for actual printing data for you by our designer. We will get design approval from you then proceed to the production.

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Q: There are no font I want to use on “Name badge designer”.

A: We use very standard font on "Name Badge designer".
If you want to specify the font, please write it at the comment form at the end of your order.
If we have the font which you request or similar one we will make your name badges with your requested font.

※If you want to design by Adobe Illustrator please download our design template and then design your name badge with the font. Please outline all the font and upload them.

Q: Is it possible to make the font size bigger than the one I am seeing at “Name badge designer”.

A: Yes, it is.
The font we show you at "Name Badge designer" is only as a guide or simulation and it is different from actual size.
If you want to specify the font size, please write the font size you prefer at the comment page.
You can check your design before we proceed with manufacturing as we create mock-up design for actual printing data for you.

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Q: I would like to order 10 name badges with same design and 10 different names.
Do I have to create 10 name badge orders with a design simulator?

A: No you do not have to do that.
Please make one name badge design with our design simulator, “Name Badge Designer”.
And please input the rest of names after you download our Name list template (Excel file) .
You can upload the Excel file from “Upload name list” at the Name Badge Designer or “My File” menu.
If you want to replace any names, please contact us as soon as possible and upload a new name list with all names written and indicate what you want to change.

Q: I have own design data as I made by Adobe Illustrator.  

A: Please select a name badge design and download a template.
For download file;名札のデザインテンプレート/t32/

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Q: We ordered clear lens cover before but I am not able to select it anymore. Why?

A: In order to improve the quality of our clear lens cover, we are in the process of re-development the product by our manufacturer right now. We are temporarily stopped because we are not able to provide a stable supply of this item. I am sorry for the inconvenience. We are happy to offer gel coating service instead. It is luxury and sophisticated. Please try them!

Q: Can I order couple of different name badges at the same time?

A: Yes you can. From our product page please select a name badge and make a design from a design simulator on "Name Badge designer".
Please select a product and simulate the design each time.
If you select same product but with different background color, please make one by one.
And then download our name list Excel file and write names also specify products and colors at the remarks column.

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Q: I have a few mock-up designs. How can I specify a design?

A: You can overview all designs at “Art Work” page.
There are order numbers. Please write down the order number you wish to use at the comment space at the end of the shopping cart.

Q: Can I see my order history?

A: Yes. Please log in your account and go to “Order history” page.

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Q: I would like to see a name budge sample before we order.

A:   We have circulating sample name budges. We can send up to 2 kind of name budges free of charge.
If you would like to see more kind of samples we will deliver them by cash on arrival.
Please contact us from “Ask for FREE Sample”.

About payment

Q: I want to change a payment method.

A: If you wish to change a payment method after you completed your order, please contact us as soon as possible.

Q: I select bank transfer for the payment but I don’t receive the invoice yet.

A: Your invoice can be issued by yourself from the “Invoice” button which is at “My Order History” in the customer’s account.

Q:     It’s failed to pay by credit card. Do I have to order again?

A: No, you do not have to. Please contact us by phone 078-862-5884(Weekdays 10:00-17:00) or by contact page from our website.

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Q: When I select the payment method as pay by credit card, it showed me “Paypal log in” page.
Do I have to make an account for them?

A: For the protection of your credit card information matter, we are asking you to make your account for Paypal. This process is only one time. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
Paypal credit payment method is quite safe and if there’s any trouble by credit card payment via Paypal, they will warrant your payment. After you finish register for you Paypal account your payment will complete.

Q: After selecting credit card payment, I got the characters was completely garbled.
A: You can check country name at the top of the page for the transaction by credit. If it is chosen “The United states” or other foreign country, Please re-select “Japan”.

Q: I am no longer able to proceed with accounting from shopping cart during the order.

A:  Our web site is recommended to use Google Chrome or Fire Fox for security reason.
If you use Internet Explorer or Safari (Mac) as a browser, you may not able to proceed payment.
Please change your browser to Google Chrome or Fire Fox for your order. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Q: When I choose the payment method as pay by credit card, It turned to “Paypal log in” page.
What is Paypal?

A: Paypal is a settlement system for credit card payment.
When you select “Credit card “ for your payment method you will be required to sign in Paypal.

About design

Q: I’d like to make a logo and use it on my name badge. Can you design the logo from scratch?

A: Sorry, we do not have the service to make the logo.
The logo design will be arranged by the customer. Please ask the design company etc.

Q: Can I use the logo that I am going to use for the name badge with the GIF image which I took from my web site?

A: It may be possible if it is a big size. But because the data itself is low resolution it may appear in different color from original data when we print your design.
If it is possible please send us good quality data such as the original data which made by Adobe Illustrator or high resolution data of JPEG or PNG.

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Q: How much resolution is required for image of logo?

A: 144〜350pixcel/inch in original size.
If the resolution is low, logo/image data will be blurred when it’s printed.
We recommend Adobe Illustrator file or high resolution data of JPEG and PNG data because it is the most sharp and beautiful finish.

Q: I want to design of my name badge by Illustrator.

A: Ok! Please download our template and create your file.名札のデザイテンプレート/t32/

If you make one name badge order, please select “single item badge” template.
If more than 2 badges, please select “Multiple badges” template.
After you make the file, Please save in “.ai format” and upload your file from “upload your name list” at the order page. If you already completed your order, you can upload the file from “My file”.

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Q: For the first time order, we will make a name badge design with illustrator, can you change a name when I order next time?

A: If we have the font you use for your design, then we can. At the same time you upload your design data, please let us know the font you want to use. We will create mock-up design with the font if we have. Once we will get design approval from you then proceed to a production.

Q: How do I submit a logo image?

A: Please place your logo image in the name plate with “placement of the logo” on the order item page.
The file format can be uploaded by JPG or PNG.

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